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elevated landscape technologies inc.

Company Profile

At ELT Inc., they have a passion for designing and marketing new and exciting sustainable products. Objects that inspire them and make life more beautiful. Objects that will help to make our planet a better place to live. And they've created this place to share their passion with you.

They began by developing a green roofing system that was modular and pre-grown, providing instant green cover and benefits. They then went on to develop this living wall system after seeing a need for a product that could be used to green both vertical and steep slopes inside and out. All of their products are designed to help bring nature back into our urban living environments. In doing so they feel it makes these spaces much healthier and livable.

In-kind donation of green wall panel


Contact Information
ELT Easy Living
245 King George Road Suite #319
Brantford ON Canada N3R 7N7
Telephone (866) 306-7773
Facsimile (866) 831-3035






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