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university of maryland department of environmental safety

Company Profile
The Department of Environmental Safety provides technical, regulatory, and related management services to the University of Maryland community in order to achieve a safe and healthful campus environment in compliance with environmental and life safety regulations and standards. DES takes a leadership role in working with students, faculty, and staff to arrive at innovative, cost-effective solutions in response to their needs and to create a culture in which all share the responsibility for an environmentally safe campus.
Their Mission Is Achieved Through the Following Specific Services:

* Policy and standard development related to Environmental, Safety and Health regulatory matters with a focus on cost containment.
* University of Maryland representation and reports to MDE, EPA, NRC, NIH, MOSH, OSHA, CDC, DOE, DOT, USDA, FDA, OSFM, WSSC, other appropriate federal, state, and local regulatory agencies, neighboring communities, and professional and educational organizations.
* Technical assistance and evaluation to assess and communicate risks.
* Investigation of accidents, exposures, discharges, illness clusters and incidents.
* Authorizations and certifications for ORAA and other in-house requirements.
* Implementation of customized programs in biosafety, campus safety, environmental protection, industrial hygiene, radiation protection, fire protection and insurance.
* Training and education related to Environmental, Safety and Health programs.
* Management of insurance claims process and records regarding exposures, waste, compliance, permits and incidents; oversight of inspection and testing of campus safety equipment and systems.
* Emergency planning and response for the University.
* Departmental representation and support to relevant campus committees.

In-Kind Donation of Safety Training Services and Safety Materials


Contact Info.
University of Maryland - Department of Environmental Safety
3115 Chesapeake Bldg. 338
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742-3133
Telephone: (301) 405-3960
Facsimile: (301) 314-9294






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