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Company Profile
The corporation and each associate have the mission of contributing to a higher level of gracious living for those who are touched by our products and services. Gracious living is marked by qualities of charm, good taste and generosity of spirit. It is further characterized by self-fulfillment and the enhancement of nature. We reflect this mission in our work, in our team approach to meeting objectives and in each of the products and services we provide our customers.

Unparalleled product design and innovation have led the way to a diverse portfolio of respected brand names with operations on six continents. Today, the Kohler family of businesses creates products that set the standard in kitchen and bath, engines and generators, furniture and accessories, cabinetry and tile, as well as resort, recreation and real estate.

Throughout their nearly 132-year history, Kohler Co. has remained true to their founding vision of defining the frontiers of ideas, craftsmanship and technology. Throughout the years they've led the way in product design with a commitment to quality over a broad range of price points.

Establishing new levels of excellence within each industry and market they serve is an ongoing process. Every day they strive to fulfill their mission of improving the level of gracious living for each person who is touched by their products and services. Driving this pursuit is a skilled group of more than 31,000 associates worldwide. Much of Kohler Co.'s success is due to each and every one of these individuals thinking about how they can do what they do even better.

In-Kind Donation of Kitchen and Bath Fixtures


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