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holland tile

Company Profile

When working with Holland Tile you have the right to expect:

* A job done right.: Their work conforms to national installation standards and local building codes.
* An artistic installation.: Tile work is about craftsmanship, not speed. The result should be pleasing to the eyes, as a whole and in the details.
* A clean and safe job.: Yes, there is some dust in tile work. However, they cover work areas in order to minimize the inconvenience for everyone.
* A job done on time.: As long as the tiles and your home are ready, they work hard to stay on schedule.
* Knowledge of what they are doing.: They provide you with information so that you can understand each step of the installation process.
* A collaborative process.: Together, they go over tile selection, layout and grout options, our working hours and access to water, electricity, parking, etc.
* A pleasant surprise.: They always like to exceed your expectations. That’s their gift to you!

In-Kind Donation of Recycled Glass Tiles, Related Supplies and Installation


Contact Info
Holland Tile
5609 Fisher Lane #3A
Rockville, MD 20852
Telephone: (301) 926-6788
Facsimile: (301) 926 - 6786






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