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emory knoll farms inc.

Company Profile
Emory Knoll Farms is managed to develop and provide green roof plant stocks in an ecologically responsible manner. They believe that every aspect of our enterprise should be operated in this manner.

Of course the nursery operation is the center of activity at Emory Knoll Farms. Currently they are propagating several hundred varieties of plants especially for green roofs. They have a spacious propagation greenhouse and several additional production greenhouses and outdoor areas for maturing and developing our stocks. They also have a number of test plots located on the barn roof as well as at ground level. Their relationships with green roofing manufacturers allow them to test various roofing materials as well as different plants and plant mixes. Their cumulative expertise allows them the maximum flexibility in consulting with architects, builders, and owners to develop a plant list that will work effectively for each installation; ensuring a successful roof garden.

For each project, they will work with the architects and builders to determine a plant mix that appropriate to the climatic conditions, the site, and the aesthetic desires of the client. Then they will propagate plants in house in time for delivery to the site for planting. In every case they are happy to work consultatively and imaginatively to help the architects, manufacturers, and builders develop a design and plan for a green roof that will exceed the client’s expectations.

In-Kind Donation of Materials and Labor


Contact Info.
Emory Knoll Farms, Inc.
3410 Ady Rd.
Street, MD 21154
Telephone: (410) 453-5880
Facsimile: (410) 452-5319






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