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creative laundry

Company Profile
Creative Laundry Systems has been supplying shared laundry solutions to apartments and condominiums in the Greater Washington DC area since 1982. Their goal has always been to make your laundry as profitable as possible by improving the appearance and general appeal of the facilities. Resident retention is as important as cash contributions. Toward this end, CLS devises innovative and property-specific programs to address common and uncommon marketing and resident satisfaction concerns.

Their background in multi-family housing serves them well as a supplier of in-unit laundry equipment, driving their specialization in high-efficiency washers and state of the art condensing ventless dryer technology. This experience makes them unique in understanding the multitude of issues associated with the installation of laundry in a multi-family setting. These concerns include construction and refurbishment costs, user safety, sanitation and mold matters, ongoing maintenance, and the effects on building infrastructure inherent with the addition of any large appliance.

Creative Laundry works with architects, builders, and individual homeowners from Vermont to Florida to bring the convenience of in-unit laundry to older communities and unique energy saving products to new construction. Their work with individual homeowners as well as with large apartment communities gives them an awareness of the unique issues that may arise in an individual’s home so they can transfer that knowledge into larger projects, making them accomplished in installations of one piece of laundry equipment or one thousand. Current projects include a nine hundred-unit complex in Virginia, an eight hundred-unit project in Florida, and several projects of over one hundred units each.

Multi-family property owners may be interested in our Lease-to-Own and Extended Warranty programs. Creative Laundry partners with national leasing and warranty companies to provide solutions compatible with your budget and maintenance situation.

In-Kind Donation of Equipment


Contact Info.
Creative Laundry
6727 Mid Cities Avenue
Beltsville, MD 20705
Telephone: (800) 369-4771
Facsimile: (301) 937-7971






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