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“Finding Better Ways” has been Häfele’s guiding principle right from the start. Häfele was the first company to turn supplying customers with hardware into a dedicated, comprehensive service. The principle was to meet customer requirements as conveniently,comprehensively, economically as possible, in the required quality and in quantities that covered the anticipated usage. This business philosophy led to entirely new selling methods and innovative services that have proven to be extremely convenient for the customer. The message “Finding Better Ways” puts the promise that Häfele gives to its customers in a nutshell. Häfele employees are always looking for better ways to serve customers in a better way all over the world with initiative, creativity and willingness to take risks.

Häfele America Co. with its headquarters in Archdale, North Carolina, designs, manufactures, and markets furniture, architectural, cabinet, closet and sliding door hardware, kitchen, bath and washroom accessories, woodworking screws, connectors and other supplies. Hafele also provides Dialock radio frequency (RFID) ID and access systems. With sales offices and warehouses throughout North America, we are ready to serve you.

Häfele is the international hub for hardware. The hardware is procured and marketed all over the world. The Häfele product range and services are oriented to the individual markets.

Häfele has close relationships to its customers all over the world and analyses their requirements. Our knowledge and range of products are oriented to giving customers a competitive edge.

Hafele America Co. has long standing membership with key industry and professional organizations as diverse as our product line.

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Contact Info:
Hafele America Co.
3901 Cheyenne Drive
Archdale, NC 27263
Tel : 1.336.434.2322
Fax: 1.800.325.6197






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