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PrettyMay Call Center enables small businesses and organizations using Skype to implement a software-based call center solution. The Maryland LEAFHouse team uses Pretty May software to help the public learn more about LEAFHouse while they are waiting in line to get inside the house on the National Mall.

For a fraction of the cost of a regular call center, our call center, “solar chat,” can accept up to 30 incoming connections.

Pretty May call center is part of the LEAFHouse communications team's every-channel messaging strategy. You can learn about LEAFHouse at the national mall, in print, on TV, on the web, on your ipod, and now on your home or portable phone — all on demand. While the primary purpose of the call center is to prepare LEAFHouse visitors on the mall before they enter the home, the call center also increases accessibility to LEAFHouse information for those without access to computers who cannot come to the national mall in person.

Currently, there is a single prerecorded message that plays when you call the hometown team. However, as more questions are asked and the need presents itself, the communications team will take advantage of the Pretty May dial plan — a system that will enable callers to "Press 1 to learn about the house," "Press 2 to learn about the team," and possibly in the future, "Press 3 to talk to a live team member."

If you are interested in implementing a Pretty May call center solution, please visit the Pretty May website or contact us to learn how we did it.






If you're on a mobile device, download and listen to the in-line audio tour (MP3 4 MB), or call 301-6377-UMD (301-637-7863).


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