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14 october 2006

9AM, Green Building Institute
On a Saturday morning, 30 students from the LEAFHouse team gathered at the Green Building Institute in Jessup, Maryland. The weekend work session was an opportunity for engineering and architecture students to collaborate outside of the classroom. Lasting over four hours, the workshop provided the team with undisturbed time - longer than a typical class period - to continue development of the house design.

At 9AM, faculty, mentors, and students arrived. The still sleepy team assembled in the Enviro Center main conference room over coffee and muffins. Others slowly unpacked trace and architect scales, pinning up drawings with thumbtacks on the wall.

An eager group of students had arrived an hour earlier to a take tour of the building. These students learned about the Enviro Center’s abundance of “green” features including solar panels, daylighting, natural ventilation, environmentally friendly materials and solar thermal heating.

The LEAFHouse work session began as a whole group meeting. Composite teams, consisting of both architecture and engineering students tasked with specific objectives, reported back to the entire team. Students asked questions to the presenters and gave feedback to the composite teams.

The composite team responsible for the house “skin” discussed trade offs with traditional wood framing and structurally insulated panels (SIPs) and the composite team working on the house structure discussed the most recent framing plan.

Around 11AM, the team split into smaller groups to work with mentors.

Several professionals were on hand at the workshop to assist the team. Mentors and guests included Chris Cobb of Robert Silman Associates, Tom Serra of EMO Energy, Dan Vlacich of Booz Allen Hamilton, Dale Leidich of MFTA Architecture and Ralph Smith of Ralph Smith Design/Construction.

At 1PM, the group adjourned.

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Structural Team meets at GBI Workshop

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