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7 february 2007

The Spring semester just recently started, and along with it came another group of committed students willing to absorb everything about the LEAFHouse and get to work. By now, our team is a combination of alumni from previous semesters and new team members. Signed up for the ENCE489B and ENCE489F classes are students from Engineering, Architecture, Computer Science, Behavior and Social Science, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Chemical and Life Sciences, Arts and Humanities, and Letters and Sciences. Signed up for the ARCH601 LEAFHouse studio are graduate architecture students both continuing and new to the project. To quote Professor Kaye Brubaker, we are “8 colleges, 1 team!”

The students are still getting caught up with background information. We have to convey the competition background, the Maryland team history, and the LEAFHouse design up to this point. Team leaders from Engineering and Architecture gave presentations on our systems the first few classes. Now, students have a good idea of what needs work and what they want to work on. The following is a list of items that require student attention currently:
  • Fully custom designed door and window details: Details are in the final stages of coordination so that we can place the order in the very near future. This is a great opportunity for any undergraduate to learn more about extremely important construction details in vital parts of any building.
  • House systems: It ranges from lighting to a liquid dessicant system that is vital to the dehumidification of LEAFHouse. Aspects such as lighting, is a feature in the early process of designing. There is much more to be done.
  • Site development: A "greener" and richer site development for our house. The intention of LEAFHouse is for it to act as a mediator between the sky and the earth in its handling of water. The water management system that is set up will separate rain water and grey water into separate irrigation systems on our site.
  • Exterior green-wall: It plays a vital role of our site development. There has been some work done previously, but, we will be looking at new systems in making this important design feature work.
  • Roof to wall connections details: It is a very difficult task moving close to completion.
  • Cabinet and interior casework: It is nearing design and orders completion.
We better get working!









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