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12 september 2006

7PM, Architecture Building
Another regular Tuesday night meeting began smoothly as the Architecture and Engineering students met independently. The Architecture Team, tasked from the previous week to demonstrate their understanding of the house by designing promotional materials, reviewed several schemes.

In the classroom next door, Faculty Advisor Kaye Brubaker advanced the engineering students' understanding of solar geometry and geography using a sketch to describe the Earth’s axial tilt and orbit around the sun. Students learned the position of the Earth has a direct correlation to the intensity of the suns rays and that latitude is the most important factor for determining solar energy availability.

Kaye demonstrated a sun path diagram - a chart that describes location of the sun in the sky throughout the year for a given location - can be used to best determine solar access. This allows the team to determine where to expect direct sun or shadow throughout the year for any point on Earth, and provides the engineers a tool to more precisely refine the house's passive solar shading features.

An hour later, the two teams came together for an entire meeting to discuss the state of the house. For team members new this fall, Faculty Advisor Amy Gardner explained the unique radial structure of the project that seeks to challenge the current way buildings are designed and built.

Student leaders Kim Singleton and Nirmal Mehta briefed students on the current house design and features as it has evolved over the summer. Mentor Rifat Jafreen gave a quick report about the status of the upcoming Equniox Event. Together with Mentor Dan Feng, she recruited volunteers to help with the program.

Students remained until after 10PM in smaller teams, being charged with activities for the coming week.









Amy Gardner explains team structure

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