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LEAFHouse Construction, Competition, Close-Out

College & Department

School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation


Amy Gardner
Julie Gabrielli

Semester Offered

Fall 2007

Course Description

Continuation of the University’s participation in the Solar Decathlon enterprise for the 2007 event.

This project offers a unique opportunity to explore the principles of a sustainably built environment in a collaborative, interdisciplinary team structure. Students and professional team members will continue to be be exposed to the goals, ideals, and fundamental challenges of creating and communication the intentions of a solar powered, sustainably built environment.

  • Course Content and Activities:
  • Prepare graphic materials for LEAFHouse and the combined Schools’ presence on the Mall
  • Complete preparation for Mall Competition (misc construction, house experience, interior fixtures, furnishings and equipt) 
  •  Prepare house for transport
  • Install house, house elements, interiors on-site at National Mall
  • Test House on the Mall
  • Staff house during the competition (Oct. 12-22): host visitors, interpret design, explain solar technology
  • Perform in the 10 Decathlon events
  • Report writing, publicity (including web resources, print and broadcast media)
  • Install house at its final destination
  • Close out budgets
  • Prepare Final DOE/NREL Deliverables




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