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The total cost of the project, including both house and administrative costs, is $549,470. This support has been provided by monetary and in-kind donations from the U.S. Department of Energy, corporate and individual sponsors, and the University of Maryland.

Who paid for LEAFHouse?

For a complete list of LEAFHouse corporate, organizational, and individual sponsors, see our sponsor page.

To learn who donated a specific item, refer to our sponsor tag map.

Could you afford LEAFHouse?

Keep in mind that the team has built this house, not only to demonstrate the feasibility of solar power, but to win a competition. LEAFHouse therefore includes cutting-edge technologies which are not yet widely available. As these technologies become more fully developed, and subsidies for renewable energy are extended, energy efficient homes like LEAFHouse will become less expensive. Furthermore, as the economic, environmental, and social costs of non-renewable energy sources continue to rise, solar energy becomes more appealing and compelling.

Our analysis shows that through mass production, in formats from a 2 or 3 bedroom house up to garden apartments, you could buy a house like this for $228 a square foot for the "competition version" of the house, and $180 a square foot for larger versions—that’s less than the typical architect-designed house in the Washington, D.C., area, and remember, no energy bills!

total costs

total house cost $448,470
total admin cost $101,000
total project cost $549,470

total revenue and contributions

in-kind donations $185,000
cash donations $175,000
grants and other revenue $190,000
total $550,000

house cost breakdown

metals Earth Anchors $1,200
Steel and Knife Plate System $12,000
8020 Grid $9,000
Misc Steel $5,000
Steel Leveling and Tie-Down Materials $1,000
Total Metals $28,200
woods and plastics Site Cribbing Materials $2,000
Framing Materials $20,000
Radiant Subfloor $6,000
White Pine Siding $5,000
Total Woods and Plastics $33,000
thermal and moisture protection Insulation $5,200
Corrugated Siding $3,475
Roof $2,500
Total Thermal and Moisture Protection $11,175
doors and windows Doors and Windows $42,000
Skylight Window $20,000
Total Doors and Windows $62,000
finishes Panelite $10,000
Bamboo $3,200
Millwork $20,000
Misc Interior Finishes $2,500
Total Finishes $35,700
kitchen Cabinets $25,000
Countertop $750
Oven $2,700
Refrigerator $1,000
Dishwasher $1,200
Induction Cooktop $800
Telescopic Downdraft $600
Washer/Dryer Combo $2,100
Total Kitchen $34,150
hvac Ductless Split System $3,300
Energy Recovery Ventilator $2,000
Dessicant System Materials $1,500
Heat Exchanger $1,000
Dessicant Circulation Pumps $150
Dessicant Water Pumps $130
Misc Materials $1,000
Total HVAC $9,080
plumbing Plumbing Materials and Fixtures $3,000
Solar Thermal Tank $1,400
Water Tanks $1,000
Potable Supply Tank $900
Solar Tankless Water Heater $500
Misc Materials $2,500
Total Plumbing $9,300
power generation DC Materials $15,000
HIT Solar Modules $42,900
Gel Batteries $22,750
Battery Rack $1,400
Battery Inverter $18,000
Total Power Generation $100,050
ac electrical Wire $1,000
Receptacles, Switches, Boxes $1,000
Fixtures $3,000
Dimmers and Switching Components $10,155
Total AC Electrical $15,155
smart house Humidity Solar Kit $1,000
Bobcat Sensors $275
Soldering Wire $100
USB Sensors $100
USB Cat5 Extender $100
Temp-08 Board $100
Freescale Semiconductor $75
USB Interface $75
AC/DC Switching Power Supply $15
Miscellaneous Design Materials $5,000
Total Smart House $6,840
miscellaneous materials, equipment XFlex Cable $2,000
Bolts $500
Laminating Plywood $500
Masonite Floor Protection $250
Coatings and Stains $150
Lumber, Birch, Galvanized Nails $150
Stone and Geotex Fabric $15
Miscellaneous Tools $75
Wire Rope $50
Miscellaneous Materials $2,000
Engineering Materials $900
Total Miscellaneous Materials, Equipment $6,588

overhead cost breakdown

rentals Forklift $7,000
Site Fencing $2,000
Storage Containers $1,000
Moving Trucks $900
Total Rentals $10,900
other Leased Construction Tools $30,000
Exterior Site Lighting $2,400
Paint Samples $100
Mockup Expenditures $100
House Furnishings $5,000
Total Other $37,600
direct labor Framing $22,000
Insulation Installation $5,000
Roofing $10,000
Sprinkler Installation $2,730
Team $9,000
Total Direct Labor $48,730

administrative cost breakdown

admin overhead Labor $60,000
Admin Exp $5,000
Events and Event Promotion $20,000
Fundraising $15,000
Document Expenses $1,000
Total Admin Overhead $101,000




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