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market viability

The growing population of green-minded baby-boomers is LEAFHouse's primary target audience--early adopters considering downsizing after children have left home, or thinking about a second home.  Our reasoning is that this group has the economic resources and concern for the environment to give a substantial boost to the demand for solar energy and sustainable buildings. 

A secondary audience with a very similar set of values is children of baby-boomers, who are looking for a first home that embodies a contemporary lifestyle and responsiveness to the environment.

Livability: Simple circulation paths, functional relationships between rooms, and transformable spaces allow the inhabitants of LEAFHouse easy movement and flexible configurations. Abundant natural light and an electronic light control system provide ample illumination for activities of all types. Spaces integrated with the landscape connect the inside to the outside.  The kitchen is the hearth of the home, while the mechanical zone across the north side provides a clear zone of services, allowing the living areas to be as open and spacious as possible.

Buildability: LEAFHouse employs a logic of construction, sequence of assembly and material choices founded on the use of readily available components.  Apart from specialized "prototype" systems needed for humidity control, grey water use, and solar generation, the remainder of the house can be built using standardized materials.  As a result, LEAFHouse is  based on existing proven and repeatable construction techniques , configured, however, in innovative ways to create novel solutions.

Flexibility: LEAFHouse is accessible to a wide variety of potential inhabitants and their changing lifestyles.  Movable panels in the interior spaces serve as partition walls between them, creating dynamic spaces appropriate for a variety of activities and privacy levels.  For example, the bedroom can be joined with the other living spaces to create a larger space for entertaining.  The bathroom can be similarly reconfigured.  A dining table pulls apart to create two tables equal in size to the original, allowing for larger gatherings. Large sliding glass doors join the interior living room with exterior spaces, underscoring LEAFHouse's connection with the landscape.





Our grade

The 2007 team took 2nd place in the market viability contest!


Town House

The town house is one three community plans for LEAFHouse.

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