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energy balance

To earn full points in this contest, LEAFHouse must produce more electrical energy than it uses.  Teams whose houses have produced a net amount of electrical energy of 0.0 kWh or more over the course of the continuously measured portion of Contest Week will earn 100 points. Teams whose net electrical production is less than -10.0 kWh will receive 0 points. Teams whose net electrical production is less than 0.0 kWh but greater than -10.0 kWh will receive points that have been scaled linearly.

As with any budget, meeting this goal will depend on both energy income and energy spending. With our efficient SANYO photovoltaic panels, energy income will be limited only by how much the sun shines during Contest Week -- and the sun shines equally on all 20 houses! Energy expenditures are within the team's control. LEAFHouse's Smart House/Adaptive Controls (SHAC) system will help to manage energy use strategically, so that LEAFHouse can earn the maximum possible points in the various contests, and finish with energy "in the bank."

(From an energy balance perspective, we certainly hope for lots of sun, not a week of rain like Solar Decathlon 2005! LEAFHouse, however, celebrates rain as well as sun and we hope for at least a brief period to demonstrate LEAFHouse's rain water management features.)




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