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The Meal Contest demonstrates the well-equipped kitchen of LEAFHouse and allows us to highlight the bounty of the Chesapeake region in autumn. Our dinner will be served to team members from Cornell, University of Texas and Cincinnati. We have chosen to create a "100-Mile Meal," with locally-sourced ingredients. First, read about our menu, then see why buying local is so in keeping with the LEAFHouse vision.

LEAFHouse Dinner Party Menu

Menu consultant: Chef Spike Gjerde, Woodbury Kitchen, Baltimore, MD

A 100-Mile Meal Celebrating Autumn in Maryland

Note: all ingredients, where possible, are sourced from Maryland growers and venders, within 100 miles of the National Mall. Where available, we have selected organically-grown produce and meats. Further, the following common food allergens have been eliminated from all recipes: eggs, all dairy, peanuts, and tree nuts. Butter, milk and ice cream will be served as accompaniments and clearly labeled.

Served as a buffet


Organic teas and juices, supplied by Maryland-based Honest Beverages

Maryland Crab Cakes with Red and Green Tomato Salsa

  • Local Chesapeake Bay Crabmeat
  • Tofu (substitute for egg)
  • Bread crumbs, oil
  • Seasoning (it’s a secret!)
  • Tomatoes from One Straw Farm or Red Wiggler Farm

Pan-Roasted Chicken

  • Chicken from Springfield Farms
  • Braised in oil with tomatoes, carrots and onions from One Straw Farm or Red Wiggler Farm
  • Deglazed with local wine vinegar
  • Tomatoes, carrots, and onions from One Straw Farm or Red Wiggler Farm

Mixed-Greens Salad with Pears and Roasted Delicata Squash Slices

  • Lettuces and squash from One Straw Farm or Red Wiggler Farm
  • Pears from Reid’s Orchard
  • Dressing: local vinegar, oil, local maple syrup, spices

Braised Beets Served on a bed of Steamed Greens

  • Red chard, beets, beet greens, and kale From One Straw Farm or Red Wiggler Farm
  • Olive oil and garlic
  • Local cider vinegar

Artisanal Bread

Apple Crostata Tartlets Served with Ice Cream

  • Apples from Reid’s Orchard, local honey, spices
  • Crostata: local flour, shortening, water, salt
  • Ice cream from Trickling Springs Creamery

French Press Coffee

  • Coffee beans from Murky Coffee in Washington, D.C.
  • Cream from Trickling Springs Creamery
  • Organic sugar

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Local Food






Learn how each appliance works and how much each appliance costs.

While your in the kitchen, read the top 10 reasons to buy local food.


Map of 100-mile radius for meal ingredients

Map of 100-mile radius for meal ingredientsView of ingredients in the kitchenChopping garlicChef instructing student in cutting technique.Rolling out the doughFinished meal!

All foods were sourced within a 100-mile radius of the National mall.

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