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flexware system

The OutBack FLEXware line provides an integrated way to connect the inverters, charge controllers and  AC and DC disconnects into a single system.

For safety, homes with PV power systems are required to have a main disconnect that separates the PV system from the rest of the home's electrical system. This makes maintenance easier and faster when portions of the home's electrical system must be worked on.

The DC side of the FLEXware system isolates the DC components of the power system from the AC components. Here, the wires from the PV combiners, charge controllers, and batteries are appropriately connected.  Directly attached here are the inputs to the inverters.  DC equipment, such as lighting or water pumps, can be also hooked up here.

The AC side of the FLEXware system is where the AC electricity created by the inverters travels into the house. It serves three purposes:

1. Feeding the AC from the inverters into the house
2. Balancing the loads
3. Connecting the grid electricity and/or a generator to the system

The AC side also balances the electricity output by the inverters with a transformer. This ensures that the house receives true 120-volt AC electricity, even when multiple inverters are running during periods of high demand.

The connection to the power grid can also be brought into the AC side of the FLEXware system.  The LEAFHouse is an off-grid house, meaning that it is completely independent and has no connection to the electrical grid.  However, post-competition the house may be grid-tied, and the FLEXware system makes this possible.

FLEXware systems are also available for one- and two-inverter systems.






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